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Adrienne Christos paints largely without brushes, seamlessly blending the worlds of street art and traditional painting. Her work swirls around the beauty, depth, and spirit of women in open-ended gestural abstractions.


Adrienne's signature approach, which she refers to as self-diagnosed Pareidolia, has garnered widespread acclaim, earning her a reputation as a trailblazer in her field. A highly sought-after artist and designer, her works can be found worldwide in private collections as well as public instqalations in hospitality venues, a longtime niche for Christos.  Her most recent projects took her to Tuscany over several trips during the last few years where she painting both a Fresco Secco as well as an expansive swimming pool, at Rachael Ray’s private villa. 


In addition to her installations and commissions, Adrienne has brought her interactive performance art to the stage at SXSW and all over NYC, from the Big Little Lies premiere party at Jazz at Lincoln Center to the Bowery Hotel and Edison Ballroom. Through her one of a kind process, using mono prints of hand applied (temporary) tattoos, she creates masterful works that truly leave a lasting impression on those who witness them.


Adrienne's constant experimentation allows the echoes of femininity to appear through unconventional means. Her work ranges from minimalist – fast gestural ink drawings – to multi layered psychedelic pieces where images are woven together and discoverable throughout years of daily viewing. Her polka dotted studio is in the SoWa design district in Boston, Massachusetts, a few blocks from her home which she shares with her two daughters and their pup Quiz.



To learn more about Adrienne's inspiration check out this interview HERE

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