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Villa Isidoro

In the living room of US food celebrity Rachael Ray’s sprawling villa in the small Tuscan town of Sarteano, a woman’s spirit has been fleshed out in monumental, cathedral-sized strokes of acrylic on plaster. The modernist marvel came to fruition in verdant, countryside colors reflecting the calming landscape that was once the pulse of the Etruscan world. 

- Sofia Celeste for Nosakhari

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Adrienne Christos' work at Villa Isidoro began with a fresco secco spanning the kitchen and living area where she recreated the tuscan landscape in her own language of faces and female forms.  Throughout the home, Christos design pieces echo the style. A table top with images of Rachael's personal notebooks
(which Christos doodled in digitally) is fused in glass. Custom fabrics in the living room like the "watermelon" pillow, dinner napkins...a hand painted chair.  Her canvas paintings hang on the walls, and then there is the largest canvas - the cement pool on which she painted in plaster.

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